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Ex-php dev. Working on a 2d graphics editor

1 year, 4 months ago Edited by Stas Lisetsky on Sept. 29, 2019, 10:32 p.m. Reason: Initial post
I'll be posting quick updates in this thread.

Ok. the ETA for 0.1 moved to October.

There's couple changes in the project. I was going to work in a private repo and only use github for releases.
But I switched to github for everything. It'll be easier this way. So all the recent changes are there.
0.1 will be linux-only release. I want to focus on 1 platform first.

Also, I'm dropping the idea of using DLLs, at least in the base version of this app. I just like the idea of having one executable for everything.

At the moment I'm doing the i/o properly. IOCP on windows, epoll on Linux.
It's close, but more work is needed.

I've also probably given up on the idea to have a single thread do everything. The main thread is going to process requests, and the maintenace thread will wake up every now and then to do DB tasks and so on. I just want the main thread to block on accepting new connections, and I dont want my maintenance tasks interfering with that.

That's it for now. The release is coming, but it's somehat delayed because, of course, I spent 2 weeks developing an engine for the next Ludum Dare jam. Sigh.

Thanks for you patience and I'll see you all next time.

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1 year, 4 months ago
Good luck with this project, man! Rootin' for you!

It would be lovely to have a executable web server like this.